Cloud Commerce Studio

Cloud Enable Your Solutions and sell Globally on Multiple Cloud Platforms with Zero Incremental Sales Cost

1Largest Publisher on AWS & Azure
345Number of Solutions
9823Man Hours of Work
5024Enterprise Deployments
  • Cognosys specializes in provisioning Hardened Ready to Use Images on Multiple Cloud Platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP.
  •  Deploy anything from SharePoint to WordPress, MySQL to Neo4J, Visual Studio to Cordova – just name it, we have it all.
  • We have offerings from all major distro – from Windows 2008R2 to WIndows 2016 and from Ubuntu to Red Hat.




  • We enable ISV / CSV to Cloud, enable their solutions by helping them migrate their applications at Zero Cost to Cloud( Setup Fees are Reimbursed back in 3 months) and sell globally without Additional Sales Cost
  • We Enable Cloud OEMs by reducing learning curve of each solution vendor to conform to each cloud OEM specific requirements and reducing time to market from 3-6 Months to 3-4 days.
  • Being a market aggregator, we are able to provide accoutung and billing support to non-US ISV/CSV who do not have exposure to these markets and also provide support to the customers for those smaller ISV who do not have such large infrastructure in place.


Pure commercial engagement (only AMI, SaaS)

Technical and Commercial engagement.

Technical, Commercial and Marketing support for ISVs.

Cloud Commerce Engine

  • US / EU Billing and Taxation requirements.
  • Onboarding with each Cloud OEM: Azure, AWS and GCP
  • Technical Enablement (Migration of Applications to Images or Cluster deployments using CF or ARM templates.
  • Providing US based Billing Support.
  • Providing Custom Self Service Portal Integrated to Cloud OEM for product publishing and management.
  • Providing Automation Designer for Migrating Application to Multiple Cloud Platforms.

Security For Enterprise Grade Complexity

Enterprises have different problems and until you have digged deep, it is difficult to fathom the issues involved. Every Application can be brought up in a single isolated box but have to add AD In CorpNet, Frontend Webservers in DMZ, SQL Server in Always On across three Data Centres and Multiple VPNs to different partners and vendors and Myriad of REST services and Shared Storage across SAN/NAS. Add to that Multiple Legacy systems which are LOB. It may sound like a nightmare as its All or None. You know you need people who have done this multiple times and knows the game. Call us Today!

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